3D’S MAX Training
& Certification Course In Trichy


3ds Max is an industry leading 3d software used widely in various different fields of 3d, including but not limited to: video games, film, medical illustration, architectural illustration, animation, industrial design and concept art.

Scope of Course

This course is great for people who are beginners in 3d graphics, and/or 3ds Max. Regardless of what industry you hope to go into with 3d, this class will be a good comprehensive introduction. We do projects that cover techniques from various different disciplines.

  • Create your own 3d projects from scratch within a few hours
  • Gain a strong understanding of 3d concepts and 3ds Max tools in just 7 hrs
  • Be comfortable finding your way around the 3ds Max UI
  • Create multiple 3d projects from beginning to end
  • Create their own models, materials and renderings in 3ds Max
  • Use built in poly modelling tools to create photo real 3d models
  • Create basic 3d models for video games
  • Animate objects and cameras in 3ds Max
  • Understand the concepts of 3d graphics and know how to apply them using 3ds Max

Career Prospects / Job Roles

This course is NOT for you if you are already proficient in modelling, lighting, materials and animating in 3ds Max. Students, aspiring game designers, architects, graphic artists, illustrators, etc. who have not done 3d graphics before, but want to increase their skill set, please take this course.

  • Create structural models ready for Analysis and Design using Revit 2021-2022-2023
  • Cover all levels of knowledge in Revit Structure
  • Exposed to both Concrete and Steel Structure
  • Using metric dimensions and templates

Key Differentiators

3d Max Supports multiple powerful tools that can be used for animation. Supports several tools that make modeling simple. It makes complex animations simple and offers user-friendly modeling

Government accredited courses

Trainers with hands on experience

Practical approach to subjects

Worldwide certification approval

Exposure to real-world projects

Industry experts approved curriculum