SolidWorks Training &
Certification Course In Trichy


The SOLIDWORKS was developed by CAD giant Dassault Systèmes. The SolidWorks software is a mechanical design automation application that lets designers quickly sketch out ideas, experiment with features and dimensions, and produce models and detailed drawings. This document discusses concepts and terminology used throughout the SOLIDWORKS application. It familiarizes you with the commonly used functions of SOLIDWORKS.

Scope of Course

The SOLIDWORKS provide a design ecosystem capable of using the power of cloud computing to your advantage. This means increased ability to validate your projects, work in concert with internal and external teams, and smart computing features that make suggestions to optimize your designs. The future is not simply putting CAD in the cloud. It’s providing you the power to choose how you want to innovate – whether that be in your office or a virtual environment.

Career Prospects / Job Roles

From engineering to manufacturing and marketing, design has evolved to a more holistic activity that involves many disciplines. Our job at SOLIDWORKS is to ensure you have the capability of easily connecting these design disciplines with tools to complete the entire product development process in a single environment. It also stands as one of the most prominent CAD packages out there. As CAD has evolved, so too have job requirements. It’s now common for jobs to require candidates to have experience using specific software.

Key Differentiators

Solidworks is definitely a top-shelf professional product for mechanical engineering projects. Solidworks is known to be user-friendly and to have an intuitive user-interface and It is a very powerful CAD software providing you with complex 3D modeling tools, simulations, assemblies, and manufacturing solutions.

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