Revit Structure Training
& Certification Course In Trichy


In this course, you will learn how to create a full structural model using foundations, columns, beams, beam system, floors. The course will show you how to prepare the model for Structural Analysis software packages, by defining loads, and load combinations. The course contains Concrete structure and Steel structure examples. You will learn how to annotate, tag, detail, your model, along with creating and printing sheets. Other advanced topics will be discussed in the course like creating several types of schedules, how to import CAD files, and link Revit files, how to create your own family. The course will show you how to deal with Trusses, Bracing, Steel connections (using the premade steel connections or Customized steel connections), along with concrete reinforcement (several examples of using different techniques for rebar detailing). Finally you will learn how to customize Revit Environment

Career Prospects / Job Roles

Modern-day construction relies heavily on Revit designers for structural engineering. Although it extends a bit beyond the simple job of designing, it gives the designer a lot of room for learning and creative freedom. The job includes working directly with other designers, engineers, and survey teams and learning the technicalities of their job to come up with better solutions.

Further, it includes developing, reviewing, and maintaining 3D and structural engineering designs. The pay scale and opportunities increase as you gain more experience in the field.

Key Differentiators

Access to a variety of specialized design and development tools that AutoCAD does not offer. It uses to create 3D visualizations with true-to-life scale, proportion, and visualization capabilities, as well as extensive data for designers to investigate.

Government accredited courses

Trainers with hands on experience

Practical approach to subjects

Worldwide certification approval

Exposure to real-world projects

Industry experts approved curriculum